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The Members, a Board of Trustees and Chris Hobson as CEO lead the Trust.

Trustees are appointed based on required skill sets that promote effective governance.  All Trustees are aligned to the Trust's vision, values and ethos.  This allows Trustees to work with the CEO to strategically lead the single organisation with the goal of improving outcomes for all children.

Each school has its own governance structure called a Local Standards Group (LSG) that reports to the Board of Trustees.  

An Academy Trust is a charitable company that is limited by guarantee.  As such, the Trust is defined by key documents such as the Articles of Association and Funding Agreements.

Hornchurch Academy Trust procures governance support from Havering Governance Service (HGS) including an appointed Governance Professional who supports Trustees and attends Board of Trustee meetings.

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Scargill Infant School & Nursery

Head of School
Miss D McGahey
Scargill Infant School & NurseryMungo Park Road, Rainham, Essex, RM13 7PL
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Scargill Infant School & Nursery